Reach audiences at scale

Pancast provides access to scalable audiences from an aggregated premium video network within the transparent and brand safe Pancast Marketplace.

Greater audience reach

Easy access to premium content

Increase campaign performance

Transparent and brand safe marketplace

Prepare for the future

The death of third-party cookies will completely disrupt the digital advertising industry as it will be more challenging to target audiences. Now is the time to arm yourself with the right strategy!

Pancast will become your online video advertising enabler upon entering the post-cookie era through the transparent and brand safe Pancast Marketplace that provides scalable premium audiences. As you enter the journey with us, we will continue to develop advanced contextual segmentation and audience segmentation through innovative technology. This will generate higher ad revenue at no additional cost, mitigating the impact of the vast changes occurring in the industry.

What Our Partners Say


Matt Harty,

SVP Asia at The Trade Desk, Inc.

“When there is a sufficient supply of streaming, broadcast-quality ad inventory in the market it will first impact sellers of out-stream ad inventory. The quality difference between broadcast and out-stream will be immediately apparent.

The next thing to happen will be that brands take a more critical look at the inherent risks from UGC inventory (like YouTube). Possibly making spending on user-generated ads untenable for some major brands.

Curated marketplaces of broadcast-quality ad inventory like Pancast will lead this change”.


Mike Wilson,

Chairman Havas Media Group, Australia and New Zealand.

"The capability to buy advertising programmatically, targeting the right consumers at scale in broadcast quality, brand-safe environments, through one marketplace, is of significant interest to the Havas Group and our clients throughout the APAC region.

The demand from our clients is clear; they are seeking additional digital platforms that can deliver scalable brand-safe audiences that lead to a better balance of their digital video spend across the board. Such a product is not currently available.

The Pancast Platform therefore is a very desirable proposition. It is a business model that we would support, and with which we would look to build a lasting partnership that sets a new standard in trust and transparency for both our clients and the broadcasters.”

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