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Targeting Audiences in a Cookie-less World

Pancast contextual targeting can improve your campaign performance and drive better business results with less media wastage!

The discontinuation of third party cookies will completely disrupt digital advertising. Pancast will be your enabler upon entering the post-cookie era through its advanced contextual targeting solution by allowing advertisers to: 

Connect with target audiences using first party data
Pancast collects valuable first party data from publishers’ audience. 

Unlock accurate contextual targeting
Pancast enhances and standardises deep-cut content metadata with AI and

Create custom contextual audiences
Pancast builds first-party data-driven contextual and behavioural custom

Contextual Targeting Effectiveness

Increase campaign performance without third-party cookies

Brand Recall

Viewers’ ability to remember brand names without prompting is known as brand recall. Ads that are contextually aligned can improve brand recall as ads served to them are highly-relevant.  1

Higher brand recall by

Higher ad viewership by

Ad Viewability

Ad viewability identifies how long the ad were actually viewed. Ads that are contextually targeted drive greater consumer attention due to aligned interest. 2


Completion Rate

Ad completion rate is the percentage of the number of times a video ad is played to the end. Viewers prefer ads to appear alongside relevant content and this is what contextual advertising does. 3

Higher completion rate by

Higher CTR by

Click-through Rate

CTR measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions. Contextual targeting increases ad relevancy to the content, thus, audiences are more likely to click on an ad4

Engagement Rate

The percentage of people who saw a piece of ad and engaged with it is called engagement rate. Consumers are more receptive to contextually-relevant ads and reinforces the impact of contextual targeting for advertisers. 5

Higher engagement rate by

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