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Marketplace Pancast memperlihatkan nilai Inventory video Publisher yang sesungguhnya, menyediakan audiens khusus dalam skala besar dengan mengintegrasi first-party data dari seluruh Publisher. 

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Rajat Basra
CEO (President Director)

"Its surely being the return of Contextual targeting with the steady and sobering drumbeat towards the phase-out of third-party cookies. Right now, in Indonesia, Contextual targeting competes with behavioural targeting as a top performer for getting clicks and conversions.

We interpret that Contextual targeting approach being tried, tested and available right now, as opposed to alternative cookieless solutions which are new and currently lack scale would be obvious reason for advertisers to shift their dollars from behavioural to contextual targeting, it solves both privacy and identity challenges."


Mike Wilson

"The capability to buy advertising programmatically, targeting the right consumers at scale in broadcast quality , brandsafe environments, through one marketplace, is of significant interest to the Havas group and our clients throughout the APAC region.

The demand from our clients is clear; they are seeking additional digital platforms than can deliver scalable brand-safe audiences that lead to a better balance of their digital video spend across the board. Such a product is not currently available.

The Pancast Platform therefore is a very desirable proposition. It is a business model that we would support, and with which we would look to build a lasting partnership that sets a new standard in trust and transparency for both our clients and the broadcasters."


Silas Lewis- Meilus
Global Head of Media Business Units

"One of the most exciting aspects of marketing and media is the consistent need for change, review and optimization. We do this at a campaign level but also at a fundamental, industry level. Amongst the many areas of recent change is the shift to not solely rely upon data and cookies for targeting but also to return to well understood and effective techniques such as context. While the old trope that a car buyer doesn't only look at automotive content in their search for a new vehicle isn't inaccurate, what's true is that they also very much consume that contextually relevant content in their journey. I'm excited to see how the combination of context and identify can come together in a privacy-safe approach for a more effective media approach in the future."


Tengku M Rizaldi
Head Of Sales

"As the country's most prominent media conglomerate, our digital media business group strives to embed new digital targeting solutions in our Media and Digital strategy. EMTEK believes that the future of digital advertising is in the hands of contextual targeting especially with the impending demise of cookies/web trackers.

Pancast has been a key partner for our OTTs and digital portals, and KLY, in providing solutions for data enablement in a secure and compliant manner. Because of Pancast, we have been optimising our data to unlock custom audience segments for data monetisation, hence, driving our
revenue growth.

I believe that EMTEK and Pancast has strong similarities in its business values specifically on strengthening our stakeholder relationships in a sustainable way. Pancast will always be our partner in providing contextual targeting solutions."


Magdalene Ng
Head of Marcomms

"Pancast helped beIN SPORTS cast its net wider by reaching new audiences at the right time in the right context. Through Pancast’s enhanced video inventory, beIN SPORTS’ campaign achieved higher completion and CTR – well above the industry standards. We are pleased with the outcome of our campaign and value the Pancast’s partnership."

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