Unlock The Power of First-Party Data

Maximizing your ad revenue by integrating with Pancast

to ensure data privacy compliance

Advanced Contextual Segmentation
for custom audience segment activation

to improve first-party 
data capabilities


for higher ad 
revenue generation

Prepare for the cookie-less world

The Pancast Marketplace attracts more advertisers, providing publishers greater ad dollars and enhancing their first-party data strategy for the cookie-less world. 

Standardizing publisher video content data
Pancast enhances and standardises deep-cut content metadata with AI and editors.

Creating Pancast audiences and content segmentation
Pancast builds first-party data-driven contextual and behavioural custom segments using collected and enriched data.

Activating contextual targeting
Pancast pushes the segmented first party and content data into the Pancast Marketplace for advanced campaign targeting.

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